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Cottages Nature Cottages

Meet Host and Staff

Your Hostess Lorena, Costa Rican born and your Host Ruben,CheTica Wellness & Recovery Center Argentine born and an American citizen, met in Los Angeles, California in 1988, after having their first child, Ruben Jr. and experiencing the continuous heavy air contamination of the L.A. basin, decided to move on to a more environment friendly place, never thinking about Costa Rica until Lorena decided to introduce her husband to the family in her native Central American Country in 1992.

It was then, when Ruben fell in love with Costa Rica and decided to purchase the land where the ranch is today located! 

From an empty green and lonely hill, through the 18 years living here, they have built this magnificent center, with the Blessings of Our Lord, into a never-ending dream!!

Today, Lorena, provides a warm native hospitality in a home setting with the acquired knowledge of 13 years in the medical field, caring for some of the patients of the most reputable and highly skilled surgeons in the Country. Besides, she has been the professional cook to teach her kitchen crew to the most delicious dishes from Italian, French, American, Argentine, Greek, Mexican and other cuisines for the treat of their guests, including her famous deserts, like "Tres Leches"; "Carrot Cake", " Flan con Dulce de Leche", "Strawberry Cheese Cake", etc.!! Her dedicated staff, will cook to your needs, vegetarian, low calories, high protein, natural and organic veggies without chemicals, the most delicious natural fresh local fruit juices & vegetables, including Noni and Mangosteen on season. 

Lorena has also acquired the knowledge of homeopathic medicine and the build up of the immunologic human body system by the consumption of healthy organic vegetables and fruits juices blended with vitamins. The Nurse Team, will provide, under her guidance, a complete post-op. care when your physical condition will require of your spiritual assurance to a prompt and supervised healing!! Most of your uncomfortable post-op. feelings can be quickly resolved by directly discussing with Lorena and her Nurse Team. They will provide the needed love and healing as a loving family member would, committing themselves to assisting you in any possible way!!

Francis - Meilyn - Tanya y Doris are here to attend your needs always having a smile in their faces, from caring for your post-op. needs, to washing your laundry, maintaining your cottage sparkling clean and disinfected daily to delivering your meals in the comfort of your cottage, if so requested.

Rodolfo, our gardener and "Mc.Gyver" maintance hero, will provide firewood  for a cozy crackling fire upon request in chilly nights!!

Erick have been providing the charisma and personal touch by driving our guests back & forth to their Clinics, Hospitals and Doctor's appointments in our two comfortable late model Dodge Grand Caravans with double sliding doors for easy access, specially after your surgical procedures.

Your Host Ruben and his "Commitment to Excellence" in the building and responsability of the construction of this dream, theme cottages, representing countries visited in the past with full amenities to make his guests feel like in a five stars resort. Almost finishing his latest dream, his "Tuscany Village" an 8 suites with windows to the forest, Hospital beds, suitable primary for orthopedic & reconstructive body lift patients, built with the ultimate authentic detail CheTica Ranchto make you feel as if you really were in Italy, grapevine brought from Siena, included!!!

Plans for a Chapel, a try level pool, Amphitheatre, 2 more Jerusalem theme cottages and a new restaurant with all glass windows to the forest, full size Gym, coming soon!!