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A) Do I need a Passport or a Visa?

YES, you will not enter Costa Rica without a Passport properly updated.
It takes approximately 5 weeks, (visit your local Post Office) to obtain a Passport.

B) Are there any other costs, entering or exiting Costa Rica?

YES, a $29.00 departure tax at the International Airport.

C) What items should I bring for my stay at CheTica?

This is a list provided by our good friend Shelly !!

Chetica is up in the mountains so the temperature is considerably cooler than in San José. Mornings are cool enough for a light jacket or maybe even a heavy one. We used the fireplace and had morning fires to take the chill away in the early hours. It warms up after noon but still it is not hot. And, there is not much humidity. So, pack long pants, long sleeve shirts and a jacket or sweater along with a few lighter items.

If you are having liposuction performed, there are some special concerns:

You may have additional areas done that you had not planned on. For example, I did not expect to have my inner knees done and after the consultation with the doctor, we decided that I would have that area done as well as the upper thighs and hips. Since a ‘garment’ (girdle type item) must be worn after the surgery (and for several weeks), it will be long enough to cover the whole area done. In my case, the garment went from just above my waist to a few inches below the knees. Therefore, the shorts I packed could not be worn. So, make sure to have enough long pants.

You will not be wearing underwear under the garment. So, no need to pack all that underwear! The garment is made so that you can use the bathroom without disturbing the garment. Sounds strange but it is true.

Your size will be different but probably not very different. So, pack comfy pants – sweat type pants are great. If they are a bit snug before the surgery they will be fine after the surgery.

There is some ‘leaking’ from the sites where they insert the instruments for the liposuction. This is not blood but some of the fluid that is injected during the procedure. This leaking lasts for several days – from 2 days to as long as 2 weeks. The leaking fluid is pink or red. Stay away from packing white slacks like I did.

Hats! If you are having any surgery done to the face, you will need to avoid sun on the face. And even if you are not having facial surgery, the sun is intense even if it is not real hot. Pack or wear a hat that will shield you from the sun.

Shirts that go over the head may be difficult to put on and take off depending upon your procedure. Buttoned or zippered front shirts would be easier.

Raincoat or small umbrella… Good idea if you have room in your luggage.

D) What if I get sick, during my stay?

We’ll have complete control of your health conditions while staying at the ranch, some people reacts differently to antibiotics or medicines, after 14 years in the business, we’ll know how to take care of your needs with the proper professionals. You may also order Xango, Noni juice or yogurt drinks, by request, to help you with your daily antibiotics, adding healthy bacteria into your system.

E) Are taxes included in my room rates?

Simply multiply the number of nights stay and add the 13% sales taxes.

F) What about Traveler’s Checks?

Costa Rica does not welcome Traveler’s Checks; it takes up to over a month for merchants to receive the funds??? It doesn’t make any sense, does it? And if you do bring T.C. make sure that they are American Express and Banco San Jose, will exchange them for you, with your Passport and a fee.

G) Which is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?

Global weather is changing everywhere, in Costa Rica we have two seasons: Dry and Green seasons, Green or we could call it rainy season, goes from May to November and the rest of the year is supposed to be Summer time. Being Costa Rica a tropical country, weather may change dramatically. Just be prepared with the packing list and you’ll be fine!!!!

No high or low season for this business, people come constantly for surgeries, all year along.

H) Do anybody speak English at CheTica?

YES, most of the staff do.

I) In case, I want to depart earlier, do I get a refund?

NO, once your reservation is taken for you, at the time of booking, the total amount should be paid upon arrival.

J) Can I bring my kids along?

YES, you are more than welcome, this is a family operated business and we have kids of our own and they will enjoy nature’s lessons at it’s best!! we'll be sure there will be no interference with your healing process and peaceful rest, there is plenty of space and some cottages are big enough to keep them occupied.

K) Can I bring pets?

YES, but you must be sure that they have the proper documents to travel, many regulations will affect your pet traveling with you, like a vet’s release, customs papers, airfare ticket, etc. Although, we do not recommend this while you are recovering, to prevent any kind of infections.

L) Do you take care of my laundry?

YES, twice a week at $10.00 per regular load and $15.00 for larger loads.
Your surgery garments will be washed daily as needed at absolutely no charge.

M) What if I’m vegetarian?

No need to worry about it, we have been serving vegetarians and low carb. meals for the length of our business and have learned to make delicious dishes. Just ask Lorena while making the reservation or remind us at your arrival.

N) What if I want to go shopping?

Our daily rate doesn’t include these extra trips. There are plenty of City buses at about $3.00 each way or local taxicabs that’ll charge you about $20.00 to the City and if we are available, there will be a charge of $20.00

O) Are the lymphatic massages by Magda, included in the daily rate?

NO, the cost of each massage is $30.00 for the lymphatic and $90.00 for a whole body massage, payable directly to her, we do not make any profit on this, we love her and appreciate very much this superb service to our guests

P) Can we drink the water?

CheTica, fortunately, does not use City water, we provide our own, from our deep mountain spring source, tested periodically as the purest and healthier drinking water.

Q) Can we bring friends into our cottage?

YES, you are more than welcome, as long as your friends will respect our home and other guests.

R) Can I smoke inside the cottage?

NO, we don’t allow smoking, except outside your cottage and with an ashtray by you. Although, Doctors, strongly, do not recommend smoking while recovering.

S) Do I have access to Internet?

YES, you will have easy access from the comfort of your cottage using your own.Our Internet Service is Wi-Fi-Fast Internet- Wireless and FREE.

T) How do I find you at the airport terminal?

Our CheTica Wellness & Recovery Center driver will be waiting for you at the International airport exit with a WELCOME sign and your name in it, please be sure to turn to your RIGHT when crossing the last double glass doors into the awaiting crowd outside.

If by any chance your flight is delayed or there is any kind of problem with your luggage or for whatever other reason or if you happen to come out earlier or you can't find us in the sea of people arriving at the same time, please go toward your RIGHT where you'll find 4 public phones on the wall, if you don't see us, please dial the FREE NUMBER 110, wait for the automatic answering who will speak in Spanish, nevertheless, dial 1 and following any of these phone numbers:
2268-7771 or 2268-6133 or 2268-7472 and somebody at the ranch will inform you what to do.



U) What can I do to prevent infections?

Use the antibacterial soap, provided by CheTica Wellness & Recovery Center prior to the surgery, the night before and the a.m. before.  This will decrease the bacterial load on your skin and hair.  And then you can use if for a couple of weeks afterwards.  Some studies do not recommend using them on a daily basis in general, but after surgery it should be o.k. to do so for that short a period of time.  

Shower daily!! Make sure that you wash your hands prior to changing your dressings and or use an alcohol product for skin “degerming” prior to touching your wound or dressings.

Avoid as much contact with people touching your body, especially those areas where there are new incisions. 

Wash your hands well after going to the bathroom or performing other bodily tasks.

Touch your incisions as little as necessary.

When handling a new dressing, either pinch the dressing from the outside to lift it up and place the clean side against the wound or only touch the corner of the dressing.  The less you touch them, the less bacteria there is to be on the dressing to possibly get into your wound.  But always touch it with washed hands or with gloves.

Do not let others (professionals or those helping at the recovery places) touch your wound/dressings without first washing their hands and wearing gloves.

Change dressings as soon as possible when they become wet with drainage or blood.  Wet dressings can cause bacteria to grow quickly.

Avoid sexual contact for at least 4-6 weeks depending on the type of surgery you have had done and according to your doctors recommendation.  I always say, "You can look, but don't touch!"  :-)  Pressure from sexual activity exerted against new incisions can cause trauma to the tissue and small, even microscopic areas, may open allowing bacteria to enter in.  Saliva and sweat can harbor bacteria.

Take all the antibiotics the doctors give to you.

Make sure your nutrition is healthy prior to and after surgery.

 Eat plenty of protein to improve the healing process.

Article furnished by 
Betty Pappas
Registered Nurse in the U.S.A.
Certified in Gerontology
Certified in Infection Control

V) Times meals are served

We serve breakfast at about 7:00AM, lunch at 12:00 Noon and Dinner at 6:00 PM

W) How long does it takes to get to the clinics in San Jose?

We are between 10 and 12 miles from all the clinics we’ve serve and it takes between 20 and 30 minutes according to traffic, enjoyable drive in one of our comfortable 7 passenger’s vans, where we share stories, laughs and breathtaking views of the mountains.

X) Should we be worried about security in the ranch?

You won’t see any barbed wires in top of the walls or bars in the windows of the cottages at the ranch, fortunately being away from the city, we don’t have their problems, besides we count with our own security all night along to make our place very safe, most guests sleep with their key on the outside of their doors!! You just can’t do the same in San Jose!!

Y) Is tipping mandatory?

We do not have any established rules for tipping, one gives what the heart dictate and according to the service provided. Tips are welcome under these circumstances. If you decide to tip, please do it at the end of your stay.

Z) Effective pre/post op medication and vitamins

Here is a list from my colleague/plastic surgeon (I am the director of a Cosmetic Dermatology practice) for effective pre/post op meds and vitamins...this is what I will bring and use for my surgery.. seems to work well from what I hear!


Vitamin C - 1000-2000mg 1-2 times a day.  Promotes Healing and is a free radical scavenger.

Zinc - 50mg 3 times daily with food.  Aids in healing.

Coenzyme Q-10 - 100mg twice daily.  Immune booster, anti-oxidant, heart protector, promotes healing.

L-Carnitine - 500mg Twice daily.  Essential to tissue recovery.

MSM(methyl-sulfonyl-methane) - 1000mg twice daily.  Natural form of organic sulfur and an antioxidant great for hair,skin nails.  Detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - 100 mg twice daily.  Powerful antioxidant and promotes healing.


Arnica Montana - Decreases Swelling...recommends Sinnech brand fromhttp://www.alpinepharm.com/
Capsule before surgery, after surgery, night of surgery.  Then 3 times a day 
for 3-4 days.

Bromelain - 500 mg 2 times per day, and continue for 5 more days post surgery.  Pineapple enzyme decreases bruising.
bromelain helps with:

-digestion and indigestion 
-prevention blood clots from forming,
-back aches
-burn debridement

because of its anti inflammatory properties it sooths sinus discomfort and possibly (still in research phase) for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and MS. 

Bromelain may increase the potency of antibiotics and chemotherapy It is thought that Bromelain helps the cell pumps move fluid in and out of the cell so it moves blood and blood based fluids faster and more completely thus lessoning the bruises. 


Vitamin K (Mephyton) - 5mg 2 tablets in the morning daily for seven days before surgery ending the day before surgery.  Aids in blood clotting and decreases bruising.

Cephalexin - 500mg.  One capsule the night before surgery, then 4 times a day post surgery for ten days.  Antibiotic to decrease chance of infection.

Percocet (Oxycodone/Acetaminophen) - 5mg/325mg
 Take one capsule every six hours post op as needed for pain.  Very effective strong pain medication.

This is my exact routine I will be using for my procedures.  Hope it helps some people!  take care!

Originally posted and cortesy by Daniel Taylor  

Special note to Dr. Lev's patients only:
Dr. Lev advises that his patients not take anything on this list. Please consult with Dr. Lev before taking any homeopathic pills or creams. Dr. Lev only asks that his patients continue their blood pressure meds, hormone meds and antidepressants.
Any blood thinning agents such as aspirin or Coumadin must be stopped two weeks prior to surgery with written permission from your cardiologist. If you are not sure about a drug you are taking, please ask Dr. Lev.

 Article provided by Stephanie Sulger (Smith), RN,MS
               Medical Tourism Coordinator
               email: stephanie.sulger@medicaltoursinternational.co , preventmed@aol.com 
               Website: www.PlasticSurgeryTravel.com 

Chondroitin is often used to treat osteoarthritis. People using chondroitin may suffer from bleeding complications during surgery, particularly when used in combination with doctor-prescribed blood-thinning medications. 
Echinacea is often used for the prevention and treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as chronic wounds, ulcers and arthritis. However, it can trigger immunosuppression, causing poor wound healing and infection. 
, often offered in conjunction with chondroitin, contains chemical elements that mimic human insulin, and may artificially cause hypoglycemia during surgery.

 Other common supplements taken by patients in the study that may cause dangerous side effects included gingko biloba, goldenseal, milk thistle, ginseng, kava and   garlic.

Z1) Explanation of rides and transfers

Included in your daily rate at Che Tica Ranch, you get, COURTESY free transportation:

- FREE Airport Transfers, for arrivals and departures Mo.nday to Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM. and 5:00 PM. ( For arrivals or departures outside of those hours a $45.00 airport cab fare will apply ). It doesn't matter how early or late you arrive or depart, we'll be there for you - FREE transportation to & from your MAIN Doctor, the Clinic or Hospital on surgery day and to each and every one of your Main Doctor's appointments (maximum once a day) in our comfortable vehicles during business hours Monday to Friday between 7:00AM. and 5:00PM.

We are the only recovery center offering this service at no charge, even though, gasoline prices here are soaring to $7.00 per gallon. At certain times of the day and depending of how many patients we have hosting at the ranch, we will ask you to please be patient and allow time to pick you up, if for whatever reason you wish to come back to the ranch immediately, we will suggest you to take a taxi cab with one of our recommended drivers and the charge could be no more than $20.00 payable by you.

Z2) About our LP Gas for your heater

We have now new electric heating, included in your daily rate at no extra charge.

Z3) What about my Nurse's credentials & personal items to be used on me during my post-op. care?

We will provide a post-op. kit consisting of latex gloves for our Nurse to handle your wounds, shower you, gauze, surgical tape, padding, peroxide, alcohol, q-tips, FREE of CHARGE, for the length of your recovery. And for your information, Francis, our head Nurse is graduated in Nicaragua and she's now finishing her studies to obtain her Costa Rica's credentials.